Sunday, March 18, 2007


So, last night, I went out to meet a friend and a bunch of her coworkers at The Federal. The place was packed, between St. Patrick's Day and the NCAA tournament. One reveler we were with came back to our table from a trip to the bar where she'd taken a picure of a guy wearing this t-shirt:

(What up with this guy, above, wearing a cross AND a t-shirt about his penis?)

Anyway, her picture was a close-up, so you could only see the words, and I was curious about what kind of man would wear such a shirt. So, she promptly went off to find him and brought him back to our table. In fairness to him, I will say he looked a little sheepish (although not, to my mind, sheepish enough). I told him the shirt begged the question, "Well, what would it do?" and he mumbled, "it depends on the situation."

He told us his girlfriend gave him the shirt. None of us believed him. I mean, really. His girlfriend?