Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I've been Googled

Not to make anyone paranoid, but I know a few things about you HTT readers. Of course, this comes as no surprise, as I know most of you personally. But I also have a web tool that compiles statistics like how many people visited the site, how many page views the site got, etc. And because I am a total goober-head, I check these stats frequently. This tool also tells me the operating system and browsers you use, as well as the "referring sites." For those of you who don't speak web (and I include myself in that illustrious group), I gather "referring site" means the site from which you've navigated to HTT. Now, often this information isn't very illuminating, as the majority of the visits are simply listed as "direct hits," or people who just typed the HTT URL into their browser or have the site bookmarked (there is no IP address or any other anonymity-busting detail).

But from time to time, I'll be able to tell that someone came to my page after finding it on Google, and the search terms that have brought them to HTT are often amusing.

For example, someone Googled "toughening up feet," and, I'm perplexed yet proud to say that HTT is the SECOND site on the list of search results.

Someone else Googled "wwmpd," and HTT comes up first!

And my favorite to date...today, someone Googled "htt gay truck stop" and, that's right, I topped the list again.