Monday, April 9, 2007

Family Reunion Part Deux

For years, every time I visited my mother in Sarasota, she'd suggest--like many good Floridian hosts do--visiting a theme park, and I'd assure her that I'd rather poke my own eyeballs out. Sarasota is a lovely city, and there is plenty of fun to be had there: botanical gardens, museums, the beach, pools, some great used-book stores and thrift shops, movies, boat rides on the bay, and John Ringling's beautiful Gothic mansion. I don't need to be flung against a bunch of strangers in a giant, spinning tea cup.

So, when my brother mentioned his proposal to my mom, her FIRST words were "And what was your sister's reaction?" When he confessed that it had been tepid at best, mom recommended that we all go on a cruise instead.

I briefly wondered if they were running a good cop / bad cop scam on me. Because normally, I wouldn't be all that jazzed over the idea of going on a cruise with my whole family, but compared to Disney World it sounds like heaven. At least on a big ship, I can find a secluded lounge chair somewhere; order some tall, fruity, rum-based beverages; and read a good book.