Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Blogs without pictures are a little dull, aren't they? I'm not quite sure what to do about that on posts when I'm answering someone's question. Let's just say a guy writes to find out whether there's anything wrong with his secret cross-dressing experiences. He might not appreciate my attempt at humor if I were to post a picture of Tootsie, for instance. (Not that I've had any such letter. Yet. I'm just biding my time. When I volunteered on the crisis hotline, I got tons of calls from cross dressers. These callers didn't actually tend to be in crisis; many just wanted to brag about passing their boss in Crabtree Valley Mall and not being recognized.)

At any rate, to liven up the visuals, I'll tell a little about myself, with photos.

Which might be a challenge because usually, I'm a lousy photographer:

Although I get a lucky break once in a while:

Let's see....well, my distaste for birds borders on phobic. They're o.k. if they don't get in my personal space. I don't mind looking at them through binoculars, for example. But god help the guy sitting next to me on the beach when he starts tossing bread crusts to the seagulls. Even still, I couldn't help but feel a little sorry for these chickens:

I very much like cats of all sorts. I grew up a cat person. I actually disdained dogs. But that all changed when I got Samson. Once, I told a friend that he was the cutest dog in the whole world. And I meant it! It is a testament to our friendship that I was not offended when she stated, "You know, Suz, he's really not."

I live in an old house, with which I have a love/hate relationship. To be fair, love usually triumphs over panic attacks or bitterness about spending my vacation savings on sexy fix-ups like foundation repair. Reading my newspaper on the front porch on a mild day makes up for a lot.

I do wish I were a little more handy. In the next picture, if you look closely, you will see two screws protruding from the back of my bathroom door. I decided to install a few hooks--you know, for towels and robes--and I failed to note that the screws were much longer than the door was thick. Look again, and you will see that I "solved" the problem by simply draping a wall hanging on the door to cover up the screws. If you're over six feet tall, you might take care never to lean against my bathroom door unless you're trying to relieve building pressure in your skull for some reason.

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qopm said...

You are HILARIOUS, and I am not just saying that! The guy with the palm fronds growing out of his head made me cry because it reminded me of my grandmother's terrible travel pictures. The home repair photo covered by the wall hanging, very clever and resourceful. But in all fairness, your photo skills are no worse than most -- you just have a great sense of humor about yourself. It's very refreshing and very fun. Thanks!