Wednesday, February 14, 2007

So, this is where I do my blogging. "Do my blogging" if I'd been at this for years, on the forefront of the blogging revolution. This is my third posting! Anyway, here's my desk, advice central. Maybe it's strange to post this picture, but I once found it hard to click away from a web site I'd happened upon that was nothing but pictures of people's desks. Am I the only one who can get wrapped up in voyeuristic curiosity about someone's office supplies? Speaking of voyeurism, I'm all for reading other people's personal blogs, but I'm oddly reluctant to spread the word about mine. Which defeats the purpose, I realize. But for all of my apparent extroversion--and, honestly, that's a ruse--this public diary thing is a bit of a stretch. So, I need to scare up some advice-seekers and get down to business.

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Fellow Reader/Editor/Designer said...

There is a great book I think you'd love called "The Writer's Desk" by Jill Krementz. It's kindof a photo journal of 57 famous writers' work areas and writing routines--including Eudora Welty, Tennessee Williams, Amy Tan, Stephen King, etc etc. Really fun reading.