Sunday, July 8, 2007

Crispy around the edges

Quick update from St. Lucia: Though slightly burned in typically-ignored spots, my SPF 30 and 55 sunblocks seem to be doing the job. Have yet to find a hat for my huge noggin. Fortunately, I brought an old baseball cap, which I was desperately hoping not to resort to. Dorky though I may look, at least my face isn't fried.

It's an hour and a half drive from the airport to the hotel, and my cab driver was a great tour guide. The island is lovely and green, with mountains, banana plantations, rain forests, rocky coasts on the eastern side, and sandy beaches with turquoise water in the west.

Work starts tomorrow, for three days, and then a bit of vacation. I'm hoping to arrange an official tour, but if that falls through, I can always call the cab driver and plan my own day trip. He knows his stuff!

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Mom said...

Don't forget to go on a snorkel trip, and ask them to take you where you can see the 2 mountains for which the island is famous (Grand Pitons, maybe??) That would be on the turquoise water side.

Nothing wrong with a baseball cap for protecting the face! Don't work too hard, and have fun on your mini vacation